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RISE OF THE UNICORN Audiobook Cover_edit

"RISE OF THE UNICORN" (Audiobook Trailer)


Lt. Augustus 'Gus' Martin, a battle-hardened LAPD negotiator, finds himself facing a life-or-death showdown with The Unicorn, a cunning and enigmatic terrorist group. With the entire world watching, Gus must navigate a treacherous hostage crisis orchestrated by a mysterious villain, Dr. Winston Jones, to reveal the truth hidden within the chaos, and unravel the surprisingly emotional motives behind this thrilling drama.

Twists & turns you'll NEVER see coming...

NOVEL & E-BOOK available on all platforms. AUDIOBOOK available ONLY on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

"RISE OF THE UNICORN" (2024)                                                         Novel & Audiobook On Sale NOW. Feature Film info coming soon.


Augustus 'Gus' Martin is an embattled LAPD negotiator. Evelyn "Lynn" Kennedy is the new Police Commissioner who was hired under curious circumstances. Thrust into an explosive terrorist crisis, the two must learn to trust one another in order to save the lives of over thirty hostages. But as the bodies continue to drop, what and who they are faced with becomes a chess match against the most formidable criminal mind either has ever dealt with. Now the question becomes, 'Will ANY hostages survive?'

The feature film script has been completed. We'll now bring together the perfect Cast to tell the
story our world doesn't yet know it needs.

We thank you for your support.

The Elixir.jpg

The Bullsh*t Detective  (2023)

(½ hour, single camera, Television)


In a town where the power of bullshit reigns, Clyde Morris uses his skills as a human BS detector to pay the bills.  Uninterested in anything other than keeping his wife happy, social media and doing as little work as humanly possible, Clyde's belief that "people suck" repeatedly proves to be correct.

11 MINUTES, 14 SECONDS (2024)

(Full Length Feature)


Combining the elements of ‘War Room’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, “11 MINUTES, 14 SECONDS” is the emotional, dramatic tale of an angel, Tamana Grace, who is born to single, Black parents and whose assignment is to save mankind from itself while realigning Earth's time with the perfection of the Celestial calendar. However, it is Tamana who ultimately needs saving.

Managing The Business

(In Development) (1-hour drama)


The specter of a singular murder hangs over this gripping 1-hour drama because it is the gateway for the audience to learn about the situations that really unfold  away from the glare of the spotlight -  in this seemingly fan-friendly sport.  Behind the scenes of professional basketball, the players are pawns while the real players never set foot on the court.

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