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LIFE and LEMONS (film short, 2020)


(Run Time: 14 Minutes, Not Rated) This suspense/thriller with horror edges is currently garnering praise on the film festival circuit but is adaptable as a full-length feature OR a 4 to 6 episode miniseries pending budget & distribution.

Tackling Domestic Violence and the cycle of toxic relationships, our story focuses on a seemingly normal marriage that begins to crack under the pressure caused by being quarantined during the present global pandemic.

"The Token" (2020)                                                         Now In Pre-production. More info coming soon.


It is the year 2000 and no  one  ever  quits  the  North  American  Shipping  Company, (NAS).   JAMIE  TAYLOR,  a  tenacious  24   year  old  criminology  grad  student,  is about  to  find  out  why.   While  looking  into  the  mysterious death  of  her  ex-boyfriend  Patric,  Jamie  uncovers  a  secret  life  of  drugs  and  deception.   She  fears  that  through  some  ill  given  advice,  she  may  have  been  the  catalyst  for  his  murder.   She  shares  her  anxiety  with  her  best  friend  FERRIS  GABLES ,  a  hard  working, 25-year old  African  American  student  and  an  employee  at  NAS.   Sensing  the  danger,  he  desperately  tries  to  stop  her  rogue  investigation.   Compelled  by  guilt,  she  goes  against  his  advice  and  continues  to  search  for  the  truth,  not  knowing  that  finding  it  may  make  her  next.   Together, they  ultimately  learn  that  the  midnight  shift  at  NAS  is  using  the  package  delivery  system  to  ship  drugs.   Patric  was  a  supervisor  there  and  now  Ferris,  in  order  to  satisfy  a  mandated quota,  is  promoted  in  his  place.   Ferris  suddenly  finds  himself  trapped  in  the  middle  of  the  largest  drug  cartel  in  the  midwest  and  Jamie  finds  herself  running  from  them.   In  a  lethal  game  of  murder  and  cover-ups,  two  friends  are  forced  to  play  against  a  ruthless  cartel.   Their  only  chance  to  survive  lies  in  their  courage  and  guile  to  play  out  the  game;  one  as  an uncooperative  pawn, the  other  as, "The  Token".

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The Bullsh*t Detective  (2020)

(½ hour, single camera, Television)


In a town where the power of bullshit reigns, Clyde Morris uses his skills as a human BS detector to pay the bills.  Uninterested in anything other than keeping his wife happy, social media and doing as little work as humanly possible, Clyde's belief that "people suck" repeatedly proves to be correct.

11 MINUTES, 14 SECONDS (2020)

(Full Length Feature)


Combining the elements of ‘War Room’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, “11 MINUTES, 14 SECONDS” is the emotional, dramatic tale of an angel, Tamana Grace, who is born to single, Black parents and whose assignment is to save mankind from itself while realigning Earth's time with the perfection of the Celestial calendar. However, it is Tamana who ultimately needs saving.

Managing The Business

(2021) (1-hour drama, Television)


The specter of a singular murder hangs over this gripping 1-hour drama because it is the gateway for the audience to learn about the situations that really unfold  away from the glare of the spotlight -  in this seemingly fan-friendly sport.  Behind the scenes of professional basketball, the players are pawns while the real players never set foot on the court.