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About Fly Free Entertainment, Inc.


Founded by actor D. Elliot Woods, Fly Free Entertainment is an imaginative content studio and production company headquartered in Burbank, California. We specialize in writing, voice over and the creation of scripted and unscripted content for large and small screens. Most notable projects to date include the short film "Life and Lemons" and several push pilots for television, including "The Bullsh*t Detective" and "Down to The Courthouse."




Photos by: Hal Banfield, Halbanphotography.com and Bjoern Kommerell, BjoernKommerell.com .



"Good story telling is like reversing light through a prism. Each perspective is like a different color of light that once focused, ultimately becomes a single beam of light. As story tellers, our job is to be sure that you still feel all of the colors even while your eyes only see the one."  - D. Elliot Woods

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