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With regular and ongoing speaking engagements at Southern CA colleges and universities, Fly Free Entertainment, Inc. (“Fly Free”) is extremely passionate about helping our younger generation become informed, in a ‘real world’ sense, about their career aspirations. Lecturing, teaching or coaching on topics ranging from acting techniques to the business of ‘the working actor’ to public speaking improvement techniques, Fly Free is honored to consistently and repeatedly return to institutions of higher learning and uniquely address subject matter in our various areas of expertise. Some of those institutions I work with include LA Valley College, Loyola Marymount University, Pasadena City College and Los Angeles City College, among others.


“To me, it just means that I am connecting with students on a variety of different levels and am able to actively deliver information in ways they find interesting – which is kinda cool.” – D. Elliot Woods

Audition & Performance Coaching

I'm pretty good communicating with a wide range of people because I have a pretty diverse background and set of experiences. After learning a bit about YOUR experience and background, as we dive into the work, I try to sprinkle our creative collaborations with examples and/or metaphors from your 'real' life to help further discover & define the character(s) you're playing. We will also explore ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ choices, because in life we often do or say things that are 'inappropriate' for the circumstances due to nerves and/or simply being uncomfortable. Sprinkling your performance with an occasional 'odd' response or a physical movement that is in direct opposition of what you are saying helps to make your portrayal both REAL and memorable. Telling the TRUTH as your character is the key! 


What I enjoy most about coaching are the special 'Aha!' moments...those unique, little jewels & nuggets that are discovered by collaborating together while YOU fine-tune your performance. That's what makes coaching special and rewarding. It's like studying a martial arts discipline -- no matter what level you are, you NEVER stop learning or looking for ways to become 'better' because it's all about being fully present & engaged throughout the journey.

Although I also coach child actors, I typically coach working adult actors who want to improve:

  • the quality of their auditions;

  • their booking percentage when competing for lead and guest star roles; and

  • performance choices for jobs that are about to go into production.

Together, we will sharpen and add 'color' to the work you've already done prior to our scheduled 40-minute session so that your audition allows you to 'book the room' - which can be far more important to your long-term career than booking a specific job. When your auditions are consistently good and casting personnel become fans of your work, they will keep you busy because you're helping to make casting look good to their employers... the Producers. See how that works?

Want to know more? Send me a note via the Fly Free contact page, Instagram or Twitter @DElliotWoods. I’m happy to schedule a session with you via Zoom, Skype or in-person (for my Valley-based and Los Angeles peeps),

Believe in you, believe in the work and Fly Free baby...DEW

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